Deadly Baggage

Recently I was at the Atlanta Airport (if you are into people watching, like myself, airports are the best).

While I was there I observed numerous kinds of people, races, cultures, clothing styles, accents, etc… It all fascinated me. We were all so different in so many ways.

But there was one thing we had in common:

We all had baggage.

I watched as many of us struggled to navigate through the crowds, restrooms, and food courts with our carry on luggage, roll aways, backpacks, brief cases, etc…the baggage we carried limited our mobility!

It made me Realize this truth:

We all have baggage.

A backpack of guilt?
A brief case of anger?
A carry on of bitterness?
Maybe it’s a bag of regret?
A rolling suitcase of secrets?

I have found myself too often frustrated trying to navigate through life with something I have chosen to carry instead of leaving it at check-in.

Something that slowed me down.

Something that embarrassed me.

Something that was too heavy for me.

What are we choosing to carry? What are we choosing to hold on to?

Could it be the baggage that we choose to carry can be deadly? Compromising the greatness that God has for us?

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus (Matt.11:22)

Travel lightly.

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