How Cheap Can You Get?


One thing I’ve noticed about my generation is this…we are very insecure.

The only reason we become insecure is because we question our value.

Am I pretty enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I good enough?
Am I qualified enough?

As we doubt ourselves we become more and more insecure.

As a result we go “affirmation hunting” so that we can feel security again.

We look for it in…
Social status,
Facebook likes,
Income brackets,

I often see people lower themselves to the lowest common denominator to receive affirmation from others.

They become flirtatious with someone just to feel affirmation from them.

They will do something unethical at the office to feel acceptance with thier coworkers.

They will say certain things, do certain things, and go certain in places they normally wouldn’t all because they desire to feel accepted and important. (You still tracking with me?…keep reading)

We will lower ourselves to the point that anyone can afford us. When in reality when we lower our price we lower our quality.

It’s like shopping at Walmart in opposed to Nordstrom Rack.

They both sell clothes but their qualities differ vastly.

As a result we attract clients that want to invest the least they can into our lives.

The lower the prices…the lower the quality of people that we give access to our hearts.

Don’t cheapen yourself just because you need the affirmation of others!

Don’t lower your standards just to feel accepted!

God sees you as valuable and He proved it by paying for you with the highest form of currency…His son Jesus.

Your value isn’t based on how many followers you have on Twitter…it’s based on how much one is willing to pay for you!…Perhaps we should rethink our worth!

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