Blind Spots


Have you ever ridden with someone in their car who switched lanes without checking their blind spots?

Or better yet, didn’t check their blind spots at all!

That’s uncomfortable to say the least.

It’s actually pretty scary.

The truth is we all have blind spots in our lives.

There are things about ourselves that we cannot see.

Our attitudes,
Our negativity,
Our selfishness,
Our insecurities,
Our hard heads,
Our gossip, (man, the more I keep writing the more uncomfortable I’m getting)
Our judging of others,

When we do not check our blind spots we may cause an accident.

In other words, we can hurt ourselves and others because of the areas in our lives that we leave unchecked.

There are marriages, families, ministries, businesses, etc, that struggle and have even been destroyed because someone was unwilling to be honest with themselves about their blind spots.

The truth is that everyone else can see our blind spots…except us.
They see our attitudes better than we can.
They see our dysfunctions usually before we do.
They see us for who we really are rather than who we try to portray.

Apostle Paul wrote long ago, “Do not deceive yourself…” (1 Corinthians 3:18)

Wow! The thing about self deception is that you don’t know that you are deceived until it’s too late.

Seriously, we need to be honest…REALLY honest with ourselves.

Do we think too highly of ourselves?
Do we think poorly of people?
Are we insecure?
Are we judgmental?
Do we talk too harshly to our spouses?

Just knowing that we have a blind spot will prevent us from having an accident.

We need to take time today to be brutally honest with ourselves.

We need to be willing to adjust the mirrors in our lives to better see into our blind spots.

Be honest. Be real. Check your blind spots. Prevent an accident.

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