They’re better than me!

We are all guilty of it.

We often catch ourselves observing the lives of others and secretly admiring them for what seems like perfection.

Someone’s job is more glamorous than your job,
Someone’s more spiritual than you,
Someone’s spouse works out more than your spouse,
Someone’s ministry is bigger than your ministry,
Someone’s boyfriend is above average romantic, (those jerks)
Someone’s lives in a better neighborhood, in a nicer house than you do,
Someone else has a better financial plan for the future.

Their life seems perfect.
All together.

(Am I the only one who thinks this way?…keep reading)

Then we look at our lives.

Not so glamorous huh?

Water heater broke,
Family disputes,
Getting out of bed at 2 in the morning because you just remembered to take the trash out (don’t ask).

We often find ourselves comparing our lives to others, not realizing that when we compare ourselves to others we are falling into what Andy Stanly calls a “Comparison trap”.

Comparing ourselves with others robs us of our gratitude and our contentment.

“…But don’t compare yourself with others.” Galatians 6:4 (CEV)

Here’s a side thought: Whenever we compare ourselves with others we will always come up short.

Someone will always have more money than you,
Someone will always be more talented than you,
Someone will always be healthier than you.

Ask God to show you ways that you compare yourself to others. Confess your comparisons and ask God to re-direct your heart toward contentment and gratitude.

6 thoughts on “They’re better than me!

  1. I am so thankful for you, my brilliant and gracious friend. You have a way of conveying God’s grace to us “everyday” folks that is refreshing and always encouraging. You rock!

    This post makes me think about the difference in highlight footage vs. blooper reels. We tend to only focus on our own blooper reels: our mess ups, trips, falls, and shortcomings, while the life that we see in others (their outward appearance) is their “highlight” film–the best plays, the slam dunks, the home runs, etc.
    People show others what they WANT them to see, but we KNOW our own junk, even if we are the only ones who see it.

    Comparisons to others are NOT fair. You are so right. This post is spot-on.

    Love you bro.

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