Sick People

I grew up in church. My mom and dad are pastors. I am a team pastor at CitiChurch.

I have a heart for people to experience God.

It’s the responsibility of the church to show people who God is.

But if we (the church) are not careful, we will exclude the very people who God called us to reach. (Keep reading…it’s about to get interesting)

The church is not supposed to be a hall of fame, a place to show off the best; rather, the church is supposed to be a hospital, a place of hope for the broken.

I think people (believers and non-believers) will often distance themselves from the “whole church thing” because they feel like they are not good enough.

They think the church is full of good people and they are simply too bad.

They feel that everyone in church has their lives all together and they haven’t made the best choices with their lives.

They perceive that everyone in the church has unbelievable faith when they themselves simply have their doubts.

They feel like they don’t have the right clothes to wear so they stay away.

Jesus himself said this,
“People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick. I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts.”

Jesus loves those of us who are sick.

We are all sick.

We all need Grace.

We all need God.

As we go through our day let’s remember that Jesus loves sick people.

Final thought for church leaders: let’s challenge ourselves to build our churches for the sick and not the perfect.

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