Beer & Baseball

This summer, I attended a Braves game while in Atlanta for a leadership weekend.

Baseball is a fairly new interest of mine and I always enjoy a good game.

So, there we were in the middle of a great game. People were cheering and clapping. Always a good feeling to celebrate over a game on which I have limited understanding. (Is that hypocrisy?…Don’t judge.)

So anyway, the game is going great. We are winning, the atmosphere is charged, all is well.

Until, all of the sudden, a man came running on to the field with the swiftness of a small rabbit.

The game comes to a halt as the players wait for someone to take this dude down.

We, of course, cheer on the intoxicated gentleman to keep running.
Go Phil! (I named him Phil. I’m not sure why. He just looked like a Phil to me. Let me have an imagination.)

We all waited for the inevitable moment when the security would take Phil down and away forever and beat him senselessly. (That’s just what I heard…I’m still new to baseball).

They did eventually take him down and it was awesome.

It made me realize something.

There were literally thousands of us there, millions of dollars on the field, thousands in concessions, policemen directing the hundreds and hundreds of cars that would have to find parking.
This is a high caliber night.

And it all comes to a screeching halt when Phil decided that running on Turner Field was a great idea.

I wonder how many of us do the same thing?

We allow interruptions in our lives to distract us.

We allow changes at work to distract us from connecting with our spouses when we get home.

We allow what others have said about us to distract us from what we are called to do.

We allow distractions to rob us from our present moments.

My heart today is that we will not allow temporary interruptions to stop our games!

Thanks Phil, for showing us a principle through your ignorance!

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