Living with a Gap

We all know the feeling.

That moment of regret.

That moment of embarrassment.

That moment of shame.

We blew it.

We did something to violate our personal standards, inner code, our faith etc…

We did something that could ultimately hurt our reputation, family, ministry, career, etc…

This place hurts.

The moment when the morning sun reveals the brokenness of who we really are and what we are capable of doing when left to ourselves.

That moment that we feel like, “I’m not good enough, I’m not perfect, I’m not disciplined enough, I’m not qualified enough, I am not enough”

In my moments of hurt and pain, we must remember that Jesus is enough and He fills the gap in me.

The gap is the awkward emptiness between how you think you should live and the reality of how you actually live.

Can you trust God with the gap?

When I feel hopeless and broken from my personal inconsistencies…Jesus is enough.

When I am questioning my faith…Jesus is enough.

When I’m hurting from the gap…Jesus is enough and He fills the gap in me.
I’m thankful that He gives Grace for the gap.

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