3 Things Every Teenager Needs

I’ve works teens and young adults on a regular basis.

It’s interesting.

Very interesting.

I’ve learned something,

They have real problems.

I know, mind blowing right?

We sometimes dismiss the struggles of others because they don’t directly affect us.

So I’ve made a conscious effort to try to be there for students when they need it most. When their parents are going through divorce, when they get bullied, when they carry secrets, when they get expelled, when they mess up, or any other scenarios that you could only imagine teenagers get into. (And all the parents said…AMMMMEEEEENNN.)

Ok, so I’ve narrowed it down to 3 things that helps me to connect with teenagers as student pastor and I want to share them with you.

Ok let’s go,

They are looking for,

1.) Someone who will unconditionally love them.
They want to feel acceptance from someone whom they feel a genuine connection with. Someone who they feel likes them for who they are and not just tolerates them until they grow up.

2.) Someone they can trust.
They want to know if you can see scars and keep secrets. They want to know if they can come to you with their dysfunction and know that you will not expose it to others.

3.) Someone who will stay.
They are not looking for someone who will blow in and blow out. They do not want to feel abandoned or orphaned. They want stability & consistency. They desire deep roots to grow in the garden of their hearts and not someone who is going to uproot and disconnect.

It may not be too deep but it is true. Let me hear your thoughts.

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