Haters Gonna Hate


“The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats!” – Babe Ruth

I love that quote.

It goes to show that despite how amazing you are there will always be people who are going to have a negative opinion of you.

Even though Babe Ruth was an amazing baseball player who set notable records he still had people who criticized him.


Can you believe that?!

Haters are the price we pay for progress. In fact, I would venture to say that if someone isn’t critical of you then you are not doing something right.

Even Jesus was hated. (John 15:18)

Our unwillingness to be criticized forfeits our right to be progressive.

I recently read this –
“Critics are fearful people who spend their lives trying to make others fear too…If they can make you afraid to pursue your dreams, they feel less guilty about not pursuing theirs.”

So I suppose the question remains, are we willing to be booed in our game while we are attempting to set are our own “records”?

Are you willing to be criticized for doing the right thing?

Are we willing to be misunderstood for being who we are called to be?

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