5 People That We Cannot Live Without


I often wonder where I would be without certain people in my life. My parents, my friends, leaders, etc.

The truth is that we did not get where we are by ourselves.

We are the sum total of an entire group of people who took time to do life with us.

Some people were there for just a season and others may be there for the entire journey.

I just want to highlight 5 types of people who I believe are necessary for you to develop into the person that you are called to be.

Ok here we go…

5 people that we cannot live without:

1.) A Friend.
True friendship is when you can walk into their house and your WIFI connects automatically. – unknown.

(That’s deep stuff.)

There is nothing more valuable than when you can relax, laugh, enjoy life with someone who accepts you and truly cares about you.

I have been blessed to have many friends in my life. They have been and continue do play a huge part in my life.

2.) A Mentor
Find someone who is farther than you. Knows more than you. Reads more than you. Thinks more than you.

Fight the urge to prove yourself to them.

Ask questions.

Be quiet and listen.

I am more than grateful for the mentors who believe in me despite the times I may not believe in myself.

3.) A supporter
We all need someone in our corner who cheers us on. A cheerleader will celebrate you not tolerate you.

Supporters have been on the sidelines for my entire life. At times I’ve needed them more than when they’ve wanted to see me win.

4.) A Critic.
Yep, you read that one right. Critics are necessary because they keep you on your toes.

My pastor always says “Some of your critics are not wrong.”

Look at critics as Gods gift to keep you humble and to teach you a thing or two.

I have a few critics…Im learning to live with them and not be consumed by them.

5.) A Disciple.
Believe in somebody. Listen to them. Pray with them. Cry with them. Laugh with them. Direct them. Teach them to hunt, to lead, to fix cars…Whatever! Just pay it forward!

Life is more about others than it is about yourself. Find someone to care about and do life with them.

Work on trying to identify these five people in your life.

Also, be mindful that you could be one of the 5 in someone elses life.

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