Something I Wish Jesus Never Said


We have mostly all heard someone quote Jesus at times, whether it be a compassionate preacher on TV, a friend or a frustrated co-worker misconstruing His words just to push their beliefs on you. (Yep…I don’t care for them much either.)

Honestly, Jesus was the greatest preacher who ever lived.

Like, the best.


In his teaching He would say some pretty profound, inspiring, exciting, challenging things.

But I’ll admit…just because His teachings are good doesn’t make them easy to practice. In fact, I would venture to say that they are down right uncomfortable sometimes. Illogical. Even seeming unfair.

Love your neighbors as yourself. (Matthew 22:39)

That’s it.

Simple enough right?


Has Jesus ever met my neighbors?

Does he know about the lady with the attitude I met at the gas station?

The guy who gave me the “you have inconvenienced the world” look at Starbucks?

Or what about the little old lady who paid with quarters at Walmart taking up 4 minutes of my day? 4 minutes people!

Love your neighbor as yourself?…I mean seriously.

If you’re anything like me you’re very self consumed and it seems beyond unnatural to shift our focus from ourselves to others.

Jesus challenges us to focus less on ourselves and become obsessed with loving others.

So I’m left with the challenge of leaning my attention to the needs of others to the degree that I would desire others to lean into my needs.

I must…

Listen to others like I would like to be listened to…

Care about others like I would like to be cared for…

Encourage others like I would like to be encouraged…

Pray for others like I would like to be encouraged…

Love my neighbor as myself.

Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves. Horace Mann

Let me hear your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Something I Wish Jesus Never Said

  1. I agree with this 100%. Although His teachings are very to the point and easy to comprehend it isn’t always as easy to follow them. And not only follow them, but make them a habit. I really like this blog.

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