I struggle with Christians

I struggle with Christians.
Not all…but some. 
Please understand that I am a believer myself. I’m a staff pastor at a great church. I do my best to love God and love people. 
However, I often get frustrated with the attitude that we as believers have towards people who do not agree with us. 
Some believers think that if someone does not attend church, pray everyday, memorize the bible, vote Republican, hate sin, and have issues (especially sexual dysfunction) there is clearly something wrong with them. 
They don’t have the truth.
On to Hell they march with the slew of others who live in their selfish lusts and desires and refuse to follow God’s way. 
All while the faithful few humble Christians walk the straight and narrow all the way to Heaven misunderstood and persecuted.
Here’s what bothers me…
If Christians are not careful they can portray an attitude of superiority…while at the same time giving non-believers or struggling believers a feeling of isolation and ultimately disconnect
Also, giving them the impression that they are unwanted. 
Some Christians are known for making others feel like outsiders while they portray a level of perfection that has given them access to a privileged class. (I have been guilty of this myself) Ultimately creating an “us and them”. 

(I would say that most people don’t have a problem with God as much as they have a problem with those of us Christians who represent God. Our job is to cast reflections OF Christ…not cast reflections ON Christ.) 
In reality, there is no “us and them”.

There are no privileged class.
There is no superiority
We all need Jesus. Period.
Did you get that?
We all need Jesus.
We all need forgiveness.
We all need His acceptance. 
We never outgrow grace.
When does Jesus ever really stop saving us? 
We are no better than those who are not committed or those who are questioning their faith. 

We either acknowledge that we need Him or pretend that we don’t.

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