3 Things I Would Tell Every Teenager

In ministry, I work closely with teens everyday. I enjoy talking to them, laughing with them, and helping them.
I find myself saying these 3 things often to teenagers so I thought that I would blog them for you guys! So here we go, 3 things I would tell every teenager…

1.) It’s okay to hurt…it’s not okay to stay hurt.

Life will sting at times.
A bad break up, a parent’s divorce, a backstabbing friend, an untimely death, unfair treatment.
Life will hurt us along the way.
We will bleed.
It will get ugly.
Remember: It’s okay to bleed at times…it’s not okay to bleed all of the time.
A continual loss of blood endangers ones life. 
Sometimes we just need to get over petty things…other times we just need to learn to live with the mystery of why some things happen and move on with the strength we have.
2.) It’s okay to want to quit…it’s not okay to quit. 
It’s always too early to quit.
There are people counting on you.
There are people who love you.
You have potential.
You have greatness.
You cannot quit.
“Once you learn to quit…it becomes a habit.” – Vince Lombard
Your future, career, spouse, & family depends on your ability to stick it out.
It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. – Babe Ruth
3.) It’s okay to not be okay…
It’s ok to struggle,
it’s ok to be afraid,
It’s ok to question,
It’s ok tocry,
It’s ok to not have it together.
It’s ok to not be the best looking,
It’s ok that you don’t have as many followers as someone else on Twitter.
Don’t be hard on yourself. 
God is not appalled at your imperfections.
God loves you with an illogical love. His heart beats out of His chest when He thinks about you.
God loves and uses not okay people!

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