3 Things to Stop Doing on Social Media

I enjoy social media.
Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends.
It’s the only place, that in one sitting I can scroll through my Twitter feed and cry over a solider being reunited with his family then laughing until I cry over a cat falling down the stairs. (For the record…I will always laugh at the misfortune of cats)
So I’m not anti social media. I just think it’s easy to mishandle it. 
So that’s why I wrote this, check it out…
3 ways to stop using social media:

1.) Please don’t use social media as a weapon.

When you attack others on social media it only hurts your reputation. It only makes other people suspicious of your ignorance.
Proverbs 22:1
22 A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich;
a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank.
One moment of frustration could cause you a lifetime of respect from others.
2.) Please don’t use social media as a place to impress others.

Often times our desire to impress others come from our personal deficiency of affirmation. – We feel we need to post something good so that we can get an efficient amount of Likes so that we can feel important or approved by others.
 As a result we only post our highlight reels and not the locker room.
People then compare themselves to what’s best about you with what’s wrong with them and vise versa.
3.) Please don’t use social media as a way to vent. 

We have all been tempted to get on social media and just rip somebody in half.
Whether it’s family drama, sports, work, friends or whatever…it’s not worth It.
Don’t use social media as a place to vomit your emotions.
I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t tell me what to post…it’s a free country…and my name’s bob!” (Just guessing)
If you’re offended…you’re guilty.
Trust me, I’m saying what your followers would love to say to you.
Use your social media as a tool to connect with others, laugh with others, encourage others..etc.
 Now go follow me on Twitter!

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