How To Help Your Teenager Find Faith

I’m guessing you’re reading this because you or someone you know has a teenager about whose faith you may be concerned. And though I do not have all of the answers and I can make no guarantees, I can tell you this: It’s never too late for your teenager.

It doesn’t matter where they are or what they have done. God still loves them and He has a plan for their life.

So allow me to encourage you.

How to help your teenager find faith:

Love them.

Your unconditional love for them will make a greater impact in their life than you will ever realize.

Encourage them.

They need to feel that you’re their biggest fan not their harshest judge. Cheer them on and celebrate the progress!

Show them – don’t just send them. 

This is important.

Often times parents/guardians will just send their student to the youth events hoping that the youth program will shape the spirituality of the student.

That method is not incorrect; it’s just incomplete.

Faith needs to be prioritized at home while at the same time empowered by the local church.

They work together!

Family and The Church!

It is not either/or…It’s both!

It’s important for teenagers to see their parents prioritize God in their lives while at the same time getting connected to a body of believers.

(See Deuteronomy 6:6-8)

Don’t give up on them.

It may be hard. It may hurt right now. But please don’t give up. Be encouraged. Stay Strong.

Acts 16:31 “They replied, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.'”

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