That Strange Moment at McDonald’s 

Recently, my wife and I were in a McDonald’s in Virgina Beach. We had just finished slathering on our sunscreen (which, by the way, a guy can never look cool putting on sunscreen). 
So there we were, feeling somewhat guilty for eating McDonald’s in the first place and trying to hide in the back in hopes that no one would see us and judge us for our moderately unhealthy food choice. (No one wants to be seen eating at McDonald’s and if they are seen, they always have an excuse of why they are there…trust me on this.)
We were just getting ready to leave and I saw a rather suspicious-looking guy in the corner of the room talking to himself. 
That’s right, all by himself…talking. 
There is no greater feeling of uneasiness than when you see someone talking to oneself. 
The reality is: We are all talking to ourselves. 
We may not be talking out loud but let it be clear that we are always in constant conversation within ourselves. 
It’s not if you talk to yourself, it’s what you’re saying to yourself. 
What are you saying to yourself? 
There’s a story of a woman found in the Bible who was sick with female problems and couldn’t get well. She heard that Jesus was coming through her part of town and “…she said to herself, “If I could only touch his garment, I will be made well.” (Matthew 9:21)
She later pushes through a crowd and gets healed. 
Her miracle all started with her inner dialog. 
Today, take the time to listen to what you say to yourself. 
Say I’m stronger, wiser, better, forgiven, healthier, blessed and courageous! 
Don’t be verbally abusive to yourself! 
Removing the toxic talk is the first step towards your miracle!
Remember, It’s not if you talk to yourself it’s what you’re saying to yourself!

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