Teen – 4 ways to recognize a toxic friendship

Every year, 20,000 to 30,000 people in the United States are sickened by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and approximately 500 people die, many in their own homes. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

They have no idea it’s happening because there are little to no warning signs. 

I think that, if we are not careful, we can miss the warning signs of a toxic, unhealthy friendship and pay the price for it later. There are people in detention centers, rehabs, in divorce court, living a rather difficult life, all because they were unwilling to see the warning signs of toxic friendships.

So today, I wrote 4 ways to help you know if you have a toxic friendship. Here we go, in no particular order. 

They are gossipers. 

Someone who is fascinated with the issues of others validates their immaturity. Remember: If someone will talk to you about others, they will talk to others about you. 

They are exclusive. 

They can only have a small group of friends at a time as long as the people in that group are in agreement with them, of course. They must have the same interests and enemies. Their loyalty is limited. 

They are easily threatened.

They become frustrated when they see someone funnier, prettier, more athletic, or more popular than them. They will remain your friend as long as you stay at the level of their expectations. Remember: Never pledge allegiance to a friend whose commitment to you is based on your lack of growth.

They are dishonest. 

Dishonesty in a friend should be the biggest red flag of all. If they’ll lie to a teacher, their parents, or friends that proves their deception and are very dangerous. Someone who will lie around you will eventually lie to you. 
Let me ask you two things:

1.) Are any of your friends toxic toward you?

2.) Are you toxic towards any of your friends? 

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