Embarrassing Coffee shop preacher

Recently at a coffee shop I observed a guy in an attempt to share his faith with a young couple. 

It was difficult to watch. (Like watching an old person use an iPhone…literally brutal.) 

I eavesdropped from across the room as he went through a memorized speel, asking them a series of questions that were obviously a set-up. 

After the spiritual interrogation, he informed them they were lost, on their way to Hell, and in need of Jesus’ blood to cover them so that they would be allowed into Heaven. 

They were not interested.

They turned and walked away. 

Away from a loving and graceful God. 

Though I wish they didn’t…I can’t  blame them.

(I can hear your gasp…Let me explain before you freak out).

The preacher guy was sincere, courageous (I will at least give him that), and was somewhat theologically sound, but lacked the most important part: the ability to be relatable and authentic. 

Often times Christians think that because they perceive something as truth that people should be without hesitation, receptive. 

Not so. 

We live in a Post-Christian culture that is suspicious of authority, government, established organizations, etc… To them, “truth” is a relative term. If you tell them that you have THE TRUTH they may feel threatened and will not be open to you. 

We need to have genuine connections with people before we attempt to help people. 

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

– John Maxwell 

It’s not Jesus who is irrelevant. It’s us. 

I recently read:

I’m always amazed at an aspect of Jesus’s ministry that so obvious, but which we often miss. He partied with sinners and never sinned; he touched the unclean without becoming dirty; he healed the sick, and didn’t catch any of the diseases. I take his example as a mandate to mingle with the culture I’m a part of without undue fear of being contaminated.

– Fred Peatross

As Christians, are we offering something that the world even wants? Or are we spewing Bible at them hoping that will do the trick?

Let love be your highest goal! 

– 1 Corinthians 14:1

There are millions of people like that young couple who need someone to genuinely connect with them and give them life! Let’s do it and change the world, one person in a coffee shop at a time. 

It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge, and my job to love. 

– Billy Graham 

One thought on “Embarrassing Coffee shop preacher

  1. I love coffee shop preacher..awesome way of looking at that situation and so true we have to love and gain trust before we share..let the Holy Spirit guide and open hearts and minds and give us the right words or actions to move ppl to salvation..good one Pastor Ethan

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