When You Die 

You’re going to die eventually and stand before God and what If He were to ask you, “Why should I let you in to heaven?” (He might)
What would you say? 

Stay with me. 

I understand that it may be a little deep of a question to ask on a blog, but it is thought provoking nonetheless.

What if He were to give you a piece of paper and asked you to write down the reason(s) why He should allow you into heaven and gave you 5 minutes.

What would you write? 

Think about that. 

What would you write in order to leverage the very heart of God so that he would permit you access into an eternal Heaven?

I’ve lived a good life…?

I was raised in a Christian home…?

I’ve kept the 10 commandments…?

I’ve prayed…?

I’ve been baptized…?

I attended church…?

I went on a missions trip…?

I believe in God…?

I gave to the poor…?

We would write down everything that we could think of that would impress God.

But allow me to challenge you.

There is nothing you could write on that paper that would move God. In fact, the more of the paper you would use the worse it would be. It would prove that you are depending on your performance to bend the arm of God in hopes that He’ll hopefully like you and accept you.

All you need to write on that paper is one thing. Actually, just a name. Jesus.

We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.

Romans 3:22

Now, if you were to stand before God and He hands you a piece of paper, remember: Don’t write the things you do for God…write the name that God gave for you. 


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