6 types of people to eliminate from your inner circle 

Not everyone who is good to you is good for you.

I think it’s important to note that it’s ok to be friends with everyone, but it’s not ok to allow everyone equal access to your inner circle.

Think of it like this, in life you have 3 circles of friends: 

Inner circle – few friends. 

Middle circle – some friends.

Outer circle – most friends. 

We get in trouble when we put the wrong people in the wrong circles.  (You don’t want to put an inner circle person in the outter circle and nor do you want to put an outer circle person in the inner circle.)

It’s our job to do the hard work and be intentional about those we allow in the inner circle.

Here are some characteristics of people you should eliminate from your inner circle:
1.) Someone who is threatened by your progress.

2.) Someone who is territorial of you.

3.) Someone who is emotionally manipulative of you.

4.) Someone who takes advantage of your acceptance of them.

5.) Someone who is comfortable with destructive behaviors around you.

6.) Somone who only pulls on your weaknesses and diminishes  your strengths.

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