8 Things I Say To Motivate Myself Daily.

I noticed something about myself…I need encouragement and refocused almost daily. 

Just me? I’m guessing not.  

Life has a way of causing us to drift  in our priorities and break our focus. 

So I wrote this list of 8 things a few months ago and I read it out loud  daily to motivate myself and to uncluttered my mind. 

I decided to share it in hopes that it will help you like it has helped me. 

8 things I say to motivate myself daily:

I am loved by God unconditionally. Today, He accepts me independent of my imperfections, failures, and shortcomings. 

I am led by the Holy Spirit. Today, Every thought, every word, and every action will fall in line with what the word of God teaches. 

I am called by God undoubtably.
Today, I will not question myself. I will work harder & think bigger. Be more focused and walk in extraordinary excellence. My work is worship. 

I am a faithful husband. Today, I will love my wife like Christ loves the church. I will prioritize her, listen to her, laugh with her, and provide for her. 

I am a consistent father. I will be there for my son, Judah. I will be the prime example of faith, love, integrity, and strength in his life. I will be a great father come November 20th. 

I am a trustworthy friend. Today, I will listen to, care for, and value others. I will maintain healthy friendships and connections and be a safe place for people.

I am continually healthy. Today, I will be aware of my physical condition. I will not make excuses. I live a disciplined life. I will eat better, drink more water, and be more active. 

I am increasingly generous. Today, I will give my time, talent, and resources for the betterment of others, the church, and the world. 

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