1 Simple Reason we Don’t feel God 

We have all said it:
“I don’t feel God anymore”


“I want to feel his presence again.”

I understand the desire to sense God. When we sense Him, we feel encouraged; everything seems right. We feel strengthened and loved. 
It’s a good thing. 

Often times, because those moments are so powerful and beautiful, we base our entire Christian expectation around those moments.

We then begin to think that when we feel good, is when we are closest to God. 

 So we think, “If I don’t sense God…He must not be here.”

We need to remember that: Sometimes you sense God and other times you don’t.

 The 1 Simple Reason We Don’t Feel God: We often filter our connection to him mostly based on how we feel about ourselves.

If we are disappointed in ourselves…we feel that He is disappointed in us. 
If we feel overlooked in life…we feel that He has over looked us. 

If we feel unloved by others…we feel unloved by God. 

I believe emotions are a good thing; however, I believe that because we sometimes struggle to separate the way we feel about ourselves and the way we believe that God feels about us, that we will never enjoy God to the level we are supposed to.

What if God is getting the blame for the emotions that we can’t control? 

Be confident that He is with you even when you may not be obviously aware of Him. 

When you’re shopping, taking a test, at the doctors office, feeding the baby, laughing with friends, have confidence. 
Stop beating yourself up. He’s there. 

Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything.

1 John 3:20

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