One thing that can help your family

What if I told you that there was one thing that you could do as a family that could strengthen your family as a whole?

That if it were done on a consistent basis it would take your family to the next level relationally and spiritually?

I think we would all agree that whatever made our families better would be worth the investment.

So are you ready for the one thing?

Pray together.

Not what you expected? I understand.

Praying together can be awkward. Especially with the people who know you the best. Your family.

They’ve seen you from a unique perspective that your coworkers, friends, and neighbors often never do. Family sees you up and they see you down. They see you happy and they see you sad.

Praying together may be awkward and uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean that it is not effective and powerful.

When we visit the dentist it’s not always comfortable but it is beneficial!

In fact, maybe that’s what God is asking of you.. to push past the discomfort and take that step of faith to bring your family to a stronger place!

Tips on praying together:

1.) The prayer doesn’t have to be long.

2.) It doesn’t have to be complicated.

3.) Set a time. (Bed time, before school, dinner etc)

Remember: If the situation is enough to worry about it’s enough to pray about.

Pray for the kids safety at school.

Pray for dad’s day at work.

Pray for mom.

Pray for grandmas health.

So here is your 7 day challenge: Pray together!

A family that prays together will be better together.

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