Social Media Vs. Me 

I get out of balance quick with social media.  Just me?  I’m guessing not.  Admitting that you’re a high user of social media is like being caught in the McDonalds drive through at midnight.  No one wants to admit they do it but we are all guilty of hitting Ronald McDonald up for a double […]

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1 Simple Reason we Don’t feel God 

We have all said it: “I don’t feel God anymore” Or  “I want to feel his presence again.” I understand the desire to sense God. When we sense Him, we feel encouraged; everything seems right. We feel strengthened and loved.  It’s a good thing.  Often times, because those moments are so powerful and beautiful, we […]

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15 quotes that I live by 

Who doesn’t love a good quote? I love that a quote can power punch a great concept in a sentence or two and be easy to remember.  These quotes are not mine, but I use them almost daily while trying to navigate my way through life. Some of these are in the areas of business, […]

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When You Die 

You’re going to die eventually and stand before God and what If He were to ask you, “Why should I let you in to heaven?” (He might) What would you say?  Stay with me.  I understand that it may be a little deep of a question to ask on a blog, but it is thought […]

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Embarrassing Coffee shop preacher

Recently at a coffee shop I observed a guy in an attempt to share his faith with a young couple.  It was difficult to watch. (Like watching an old person use an iPhone…literally brutal.)  I eavesdropped from across the room as he went through a memorized speel, asking them a series of questions that were obviously […]

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