1 Simple Reason we Don’t feel God 

We have all said it: “I don’t feel God anymore” Or  “I want to feel his presence again.” I understand the desire to sense God. When we sense Him, we feel encouraged; everything seems right. We feel strengthened and loved.  It’s a good thing.  Often times, because those moments are so powerful and beautiful, we […]

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15 quotes that I live by 

Who doesn’t love a good quote? I love that a quote can power punch a great concept in a sentence or two and be easy to remember.  These quotes are not mine, but I use them almost daily while trying to navigate my way through life. Some of these are in the areas of business, […]

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When You Die 

You’re going to die eventually and stand before God and what If He were to ask you, “Why should I let you in to heaven?” (He might) What would you say?  Stay with me.  I understand that it may be a little deep of a question to ask on a blog, but it is thought […]

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Embarrassing Coffee shop preacher

Recently at a coffee shop I observed a guy in an attempt to share his faith with a young couple.  It was difficult to watch. (Like watching an old person use an iPhone…literally brutal.)  I eavesdropped from across the room as he went through a memorized speel, asking them a series of questions that were obviously […]

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I Almost Died on a Volcano

I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t almost die on a volcano. In fact, I didn’t even get hurt. (I’m just using my creativity to gather readers…don’t judge me). I did hike a Volcano though, and thought that every muscle in my body would explode…I thought I was going to die. So it’s not […]

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